Thank You America “
The Kurdistani American Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading American Culture awareness in Kurdistan and acting as the official gateway between American made products and the Kurdistan markets. We facilitate counterpart training classes for Kurdistani business people/professionals and government officials to improve production in their respective professions.  As part of our educational program we strongly encourage Kurdistanis to participate in foreign exchange student programs.  A strong majority of Kurds think American culture has had a positive impact on other countries since the turn of the 20th century.  Just as American goods flooded world markets in the post-World War II era, American culture is now growing throughout every continent through the dramatic growth of mass communications such as; music, television, films, internet as well as through the entrance of American corporations doing business in foreign countries,from China to France and now to Kurdistan, eventually to Iraq and the rest of the Middle East.
Kurdistani American Chamber of Commerce
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American Commerce Center
The information on this website is aimed for American Corporates and Manufacturers to understand  the potential business opprtunities by understanding the rapid economic growth, security and safety in the Kurdistan Region.