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Click on Link to Read in Full 20 May. 2010  House of Representatives approves resolution calling for US Consulate in Kurdistan SOON
 American Made Expo “  in “Erbil” the capital city of Kurdistan  Detail soon... Join us ..  to a great promising rich Market Erbil is the hub city for all trade and business for all of IRAQ
Kurdistani American Chamber of Commerce
Kurdistan plans to build 28 dams Wednesday, March 23rd 2011 10:41 AM Top American Futurist :  Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows are joining “NAC” in Kurdistan Erbil Auto Show Sells Most Expensive Car in Kurdistan March-2012 Mercedes ML car was sold for $660,000 at the fair, the first of its type to be purchased in the Middle East. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration  is lifting a 16-year-old ban on commercial flights by U.S. carriers to two airports in Kurdish northern Iraq, The Kurdistan Region citing increased stability in the region.
American Commerce Center
CNN - Economy in Kurdistan The Story behind our “American National Anthem”.. The Accurate Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner Kurdistan Region Oil & Gas 2013 DECISION POINTS by  GEORGE W. BUSH  Mr Bush regrets not having visited Erbil Yettttttttttt ...  Helped liberating 40 Million Kurds
The information on this website is aimed for American Corporates and Manufacturers to understand  the potential business opprtunities by understanding the rapid economic growth, security and safety in the Kurdistan Region.
Consul General Joseph Pennington visited the recently opened Erbil branch of U.S. store Ace Hardware on November 21. News_Today