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Kurdistani American Chamber of Commerce
Kurdistan plans to build 28 dams Wednesday, March 23rd 2011 10:41 AM Erbil, March 23 (AKnews)- Kurdistan Region minister for agriculture and water resources said Tuesday his ministry is planning to build 28 dams. Jamil Suleiman told AKnews the water passing through the Kurdistan Region flows down to the central and southern Iraqi provinces almost without any obstruction since under Saddam Hussein regime no large dams were constructed on the rivers in Kurdistan. Annually 3 billion cubic meters of Kurdistan water flows to the central and southern provinces - 60% of this water is from Kurdistan rivers and 40% from the rivers flowing into the Region. Khapur, Great Zap, Small Zap, Sirwan all run into Kurdistan from the neighboring countries. “In our 2011 plan we have proposed constructing 28 dams,” the minister said. There are only three dams in Kurdistan, Dohuk, Dokan and Darbandikhan. The neighboring countries are currently constructing more dams which will reduce the flow of water into Kurdistan, the minister said. Therefore, in the interest of water security, the Region also plans to meet with the neighbors to discuss the threats and solutions. Reported by Hazhar Mohammed Lh/AKnews
American Commerce Center
The information on this website is aimed for American Corporates and Manufacturers to understand  the potential business opprtunities by understanding the rapid economic growth, security and safety in the Kurdistan Region.