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Click on Link to Read in Full Kurdistan Region becomes a new market for Italian companies Monday, June 14th 2010 10:18 PM German and French institutes to hold street festival in Erbil Tuesday, June 15th 2010 10:27 AM KRP.org 13:36:21 16 Jun. 2010  President Barzani Meets Presidnet Sarkozy, Signs Protocol with French Government KRG.org 19:35:36 15 Jun. 2010  Prime Minister Salih calls for new era of British and international business engagement with Kurdistan KRG.org 05:17:22 17 Jun. 2010  Prime Minister Salih meets Britainís Prince Andrew and Foreign Secretary Hague Channel 4   17 Jun. 2010  Kurdistanís riches point to a bright future Turkish bank to open branch in Erbil Saturday, August 21st 2010 Kurdistan oil production to jump to 1 million in near future Thursday, August 19th 2010 4:18 PM Economists: Improved economic relations between Erbil and Baghdad increased oil exports Thursday, August 26th 2010
Kurdistani American Chamber of Commerce
Kurdistanís gas resources to European states as an alternative to Russia Thursday, August 26th 2010 Preparations for the transfer of 3000 Christian and Yazidi university students from Mosul,Iraq to Kurdistan for fear of armed attacks  Alsumaria NewsAugust 26, 2010   As an initiative of the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani
American Commerce Center
The information on this website is aimed for American Corporates and Manufacturers to understand  the potential business opprtunities by understanding the rapid economic growth, security and safety in the Kurdistan Region.